Georgie Porgy Does It Again

The pain welling up inside of me has no legitimacy.

Not when I chose to be ignorant to the sign splashed right before my oh-so-blind eyes, signs others seem to catch on to with little effort and I always, always struggle to decipher.




Well, no mind; I can see clearly now that my eyes aren’t too fixed on seeing the good in a thoroughly unworthy man. He walks about town as if on stilts, shoulders above the rest and head cocked so high up the sky you’d swear he was expecting to catch the first snow flake on his tongue. He is confident, caught up in the rapture of his own marvelousness because somehow he’s convinced himself that when unsuspecting, naive or desperate women believe his lore and fabrications, he is authenticated. Argh shame. What a lost cause.

Truth is he will only ever be able to get away with being shallow and unscathed by all the deceit for so long. Day of recogning is right ’round the corner. What he fails to recognize is his own fallacy which over and above its ugliness also renders him vulnerable to being potentially destroyed. He will come face to face with the shell of a man he has built himself up to become one day. The misfortune here though is that I will most likely not be there to witness the fall of Rome so to speak.

There’s no justice when it comes to affairs of the heart. You give your heart away, get it smashed in half and nurse it back to health just to give it to another one day, at your own risk and expense. Love is the answer to which the question is always, “Have you lost your mind?!”

He walks about town as if on stilts, head cocked so high up the sky you would swear there is no such thing as the law of relativity. But while I wait for the karmic gods to GPS their way to this man’s lying, cheating behind, I’d best get on with nursing that smashed heart of mine back to health.


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