Adams Only


A Veneration to Adam.

May the Force be with the man who will stay up to turn off the lights of his home tonight. The man whose affections for his family have borne into his life a ritual of ensuring they are tucked away from all malice while they sleep. May the Force quieten the qualms of the man whose prayer begins with gratitude for his life; for he is in want of so much and must live each day with very little.

 May the Force bring hope to the man who is first to be called by those whose lives are threatened. While his battle to serve and protect remains mostly unheralded, he remains a hero. May light fall gently on the boy defying his living conditions to become a respected man; may his reward not be limited to making his family proud and be exalted to making himself fulfilled.

May the Force keep in good company the man whose ails arise from too many early mornings and late evenings; may the hands that dig for ore, lift concrete or hold up a book for a school child be blessed tremendously.

May he that is called grandfather with pride and joy never despair over evolving cultures and the recklessness of youth: in time we remember the root from which our fruit sprung. May the Force be with the man tuckered in a crisply ironed collar shirt, yearning to be recognized for his worth the world may be changing around this man yet who resides within remains unshakable. May the Force be with the hustler. May his game spiral out of control, his reach exceed his preach. May the Force bring joy to the man who brings joy to others for his gift is to make merry children of distressed grown folk- may laughter be his healing.

 May the Force of everlasting Love bless the righteous and the bad boy, the knight and the knave, the man in the glass tower and the one without an address, the singer in the park and the celebrated. Love only recognizes love and pays no mind to resume details. Keep on shining for your glimmer ignites hope in those of us whose own inner lights have dulled from fear and despair.


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