How To Open a Can of Worms with a Lace Bra.

Question: how many bad boys does it take to turn a misguided, perhaps naive, yet well intended woman into a can opener? Huh? Yes, that was my question. I want to know what it takes to get a perfectly good woman to act in a completely irrational way? Love. Love is what it takes.

I am no stranger to irrational behavior so I am going to share with you how not to behave in a relationship where you love someone and they don’t understand what you are on about. This information comes disguised in other instruction, the two step, step-by-step guide on how to open a can of worms with a lace bra. Whatever you do, don’t follow these instructions. Just be aware that it is possible to open a can of worms with a lace and bra and stay far away from both lace bras and cans of worms.

Can of Worms

Any one person that promises the world but fails to return a call, make an impromptu, unsolicited visit to you, take you out on a date or call before 8pm on a weekday is a can of worms. Insisting on unveiling who they really are is a bad, bad idea. Don’t keep saying, “Maybe with time…” . Maybe with time nothing! Step out of the crimson light, take a cold shower and gulp down a jar of reality. That man, that woman is what we call a classic can of certified worms.

loveLace Bras

To immerse yourself in total and utter regret and perhaps even cause yourself to unnecessarily gain a few pounds on pity-party ice cream and junk food, go ahead and use sex to lure an uninterested man into being interested in you. The fastest way to more agony is to try open a can of worms with a perfectly good padded lace bra. The sexier the bra, the bigger the heartbreak too. So take care to remember to call yourself an ambulance, the next time you attempt to trap unrequited love into reciprocity.


Love yourself a little more than the thrill. Chemistry is fantastic but nothing beats love that chooses to stay, to talk, to come back the next day. That love is worth the wait.


I’m all about you.

Close to me as if you were my kin and yet a stranger I may never even meet.

I can’t imagine a world without you in it. You are the part of me that will never be erased because of the many common threads between us. We are built for fears, laughter and triumphs. Everyday we rise without fail to face challenges, and while we deal with them as fitting our unique upbringings and beliefs, our tears fall from the same place, our smiles break out on our mouths and eyes. And so however different we may seem on the outside, we all yearn for the same thing: we yearn to be loved.

I write for you because in this world where everyone needs someone, this is the one gift I can offer you freely and with sincerity. You do not have to agree with my opinions or thoughts but will find that what I know you already know too. Every question I pose you have an answer to, and so by speaking from my heart to you I open yours to me and others too. 

Here’s to hoping my heart finds yours in your moments of trial, when you feel alone and misunderstood, when you seek answers as I seek answers to the questions pertaining to life. These thoughts are rightfully yours as much as there are mine, expressed quite differently from how your mind and heart works but none-the-less true and enlightened. May they comfort and inspire you, an extraordinary piece of the universal puzzle, created to fulfil a undeniably special purpose for yours, mine and the world’s good. My words are inspired by you, my burdens made lighter by your courage, perseverance and resilience. Open your heart to me and let me share in your pain and joy and I promise I will continue to honour you.